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AKUA collaborates with artist Orion Owens to bring you three free ZOOM video backgrounds

Published by Eve Palmer, 29 Apr 2020

The sea is my first love, I grew up at the beach surfing and shooting photos of my friends. Over time the sea became my favorite subject. What I love about it is it’s always changing and full of surprises. The same beach on different days can be home to various types of waves, shapes, textures and moods. The always changing environment serves as a reminder of the constant force of change we face in life.

- Orion Owens

Three years ago, 26-year old photographer and filmmaker Orion Owens broke his neck in a diving accident that left him paralyzed in a wheelchair. 

Today, he uses a drone as an extension of his body to travel through time and space to capture abstract landscapes of Earth. "I strive to capture unseen perspectives that offer the viewer an opportunity to pause and contemplate the immense natural forces of nature and convey themes of perception, psychedelia, and environmentalism," says Owens.

To bring more peace and beauty to your lives during these trying times, we teamed up with Orion Owens to share his beautiful drone captures in the form of Zoom video backgrounds! 

Download our free Orion Owens x AKUA collaboration Zoom video backgrounds by clicking on the below frames: 

Can't figure out how to add the download to your Zoom account? Click here for instructions!

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