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#EpicEarthlings with Sea Briganti

Published by Eve Palmer,

To celebrate Earth Month, we're highlighting some of our favorite humans and the ways in which they live a sustainable lifestyle.

Sea Briganti is the founding CEO & Chief Visionary behind Loliware — a bioplastics company making seaweed-based straws, on a mission to fight big plastic with seaweed. With a name as epic as Sea, it's no wonder she is a powerful & passionate advocate for our oceans.

Read more about Sea below:

What is your number #1 sustainability goal in your personal day-to-day life for 2021, and what’s Loliware’s number #1 goal for this year?

Sea’s personal goal for 2021: Consuming more seaweed and plant-based products to reduce carbon footprint and to support important, local economies.

LOLIWARE’s goal for 2021: The company is preparing to launch a massive technology advancement that will unlock replacing all plastic at scale, with seaweed.

Favorite form of aquatic life?

Definitely, a Cuttlefish.  Highly adaptable, exquisite creatures.

Among all the terrible things that have happened since the pandemic began last year, we've also seen some positive effects on the environment. Are there any productive lessons to take from this about our impact & how we can manage it?

It’s clear that when humanity slows down its consumption, we lower our collective footprint.  Maintaining this new mindset will be critical along with acting swiftly and urgently to collectively build a de-carbonized, plastic-free future.


Big thanks to Sea Briganti for speaking with us, find her at @sea_f._briganti on Instagram! 💚🌊


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