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#EpicEarthlings with Charlotte Langley

Published by Eve Palmer,

To celebrate Earth Month, we're highlighting some of our favorite humans and the ways in which they live a sustainable lifestyle.

Charlotte Langley is a chef, co-founder, & CCO of Scout Canning — a sustainability-driven seafood company. Her passion for the ocean & its many gifts inspired her to create Scout in 2014 with a mission to achieve a more sustainable seafood industry. Read more about Charlotte below:

What’s one change you want to see within the seafood industry in the next few years?

I personally would love to see consumers challenging themselves to eat a larger variety of seafood species that are ethically sourced whether from an MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) Source or from a healthy aquaculture source. Ask more questions, get more involved and more curious about the future health of our oceans and waterways

Favorite quick & healthy meal for when you’re in a rush?

I love preparing a big ole salad with everything in it, I call it my kitchen sink salad. Grains, beans, lettuces, seaweeds, anything from Scout, greens, and some aged cheddar if it is in the fridge. If the fridge is lean on fresh produce, I will lean into a classic casserole which I like to call Noodle Caboodle for all the kids out there that want to know where their fish comes from.

What message would you give someone who knows nothing about aquaculture?

I always like to recommend doing a little research. For Global Aquaculture standards check out the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), and for more close to home information, start up conversations with passionate, engaged and committed ocean and waterways stewards.


Big thanks to Charlotte Langley for speaking with us, find her at @chefcharlottelangley on Instagram! 💚🌊

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