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Tero the otter laying on the water with kelp burger

Sustainable Seagreens.

We’re all about them. By focusing on meat-alt products, we replace factory farming -- the most destructive form of food agriculture on the planet -- with regenerative ocean farming.

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AKUA’s co-founder Courtney Boyd Myers (aka CBM) first learned about regenerative ocean-farming through the Connecticut based non-profit Green Wave. She had long been hip to the health benefits of eating seaweeds and when she learned about the environmental and economic benefits too, she was hooked on getting more people to eat this virteous sea vegetable.

Kelp farming

On a mission to make kelp mainstream, we launched our first product β€œKelp Jerky” in 2019. Kelp Jerky is sold today direct-to-consumer, in specialty grocers, and on Amazon.

Poloroid-style photo of two people in a production line with boxes of Kelp Krab Cakes and thumbs up

With the pandemic underway and Kelp Jerky no longer new to the market, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work creating the Kelp Burger! The world's first plant-based burger made from KELP!

Poloroid-style photo of stacked kelp burger with chips and the Kelp Burger box

As May 2021 rolled around, we finally released our beloved Kelp Burgers to the world. They quickly became our top selling product, and from there we knew we were ready to start venturing into retail!

Poloroid-style photo of Kelp Krab Cake on a plate on a bed of rocket, tomatoes and garnished with sauce and a lemon. A hand with fork is reaching in to take some

The Kelp Burgers started being available in retail stores and restaurants all over the US. And by July 2022 our newest product, the Krab Cake, was birthed!


We’re a Brooklyn based company with a team of mermaids, mermen, and ocean lovers that each have a combined mission to replace the most unsustainable form of food agriculture (factory farming) with the most sustainable form of food agriculture (ocean farming).

Fun facts: We launched our first product on Earth Day in 2019 / not all of us are strictly vegan but we all believe that plant-based is the future



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