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AKUA’S Afternoon Fiesta at De Buena Planta

Published by Eve Palmer,

Akua + TBH + KIN @ De Buena Planta

AKUA family & friends gathered in person this past weekend at De Buena Planta in Venice, California! Food founders and industry lovers alike were all in town ahead of Expo West (the biggest natural foods trade show of the year!) and so we were sure to feed them Kelp Burgers before all of the madness commenced. Here are some highlights from our afternoon fiesta featuring Kin Euphorics and TBH 

On the Menu: Kelp Burger Tacos, Kin-Garitas, & TBH Churros

Thanks to our friends at Kin Euphorics and TBH, we paired our mouth-watering Kelp Burger Tacos with refreshing Kin-Garitas and TBH Churros! 

The Tacos

Plate with delicious kelp burger tacos

Courtney Boyd Myers, co-founder and CEO of AKUA, said it best: “De Buena's Kelp Burger taco is just about the best thing I've eaten in my 12 months of eating our Kelp Burger Ground Meat.” AKUA already proudly partnered with The Butcher’s Daughter, De Buena Planta’s Mexican sister restaurant, as their featured patty in the Butcher’s Burger. Chef Felix at De Buena Planta killed it with Kelp Burger Tacos and we hope to see these as a permanent menu item soon! Served with a side of chips and guacamole and topped with pickled onion and cilantro, AKUA’s Kelp Burger Tacos had everyone talking!

The Drinks

Holding a tumbler glass of a gold-coloured cocktail with lemon

Thanks to our friends at Kin, a revolutionary non-alcoholic beverage company, we featured conscious “Kin-Garita” cocktails crafted by the De Buena Planta team. Kin is on a mission to transform the ritual of drinking into one of conscious connection using euphoric actives and functional formulas and we are all for it!

The Dessert

Fried churro with pot of chocolate sauce

Guests were floored by TBH’s hazelnut cocoa spread. Even though you could totally eat this stuff straight from the jar, De Buena Planta’s GF Churros paired deliciously. TBH is vegan, gluten free, palm-oil free, and has 50% less sugar and 3x the protein of competing spreads.

The Vibe

People milling around a tropical party with loads of colours and tropical plants

It wasn’t difficult to cultivate a tropical party vibe in De Buena Planta’s gorgeous front garden. Everyone sprawled out on their bamboo chairs under an array of cascading plants and the music was straight from the beaches of Tulum. There couldn’t have been a more AKUA venue to partner with for this special occasion. If you live in LA, we highly recommend checking it out - and ask them about selling the AKUA Tacos permanently. ;)

In Summary

It was one of the most memorable parties we’ve thrown in LA and certainly one for the books! Thanks to everyone who came out, and for those of you who didn’t - you can always make the tacos at home with our Kelp Burger Ground Meat! You can also view all of the photos from this event here! 


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