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Kelp For Your Health!

Published by Eve Palmer, 3 Jun 2019

Have you heard “kelp is the new kale”?

Let us tell you why! Seaweed, and kelp specifically, is a vital superfood that many people in the West have ignored for decades. While the health benefits of this virtuous sea vegetable are vast, here are five reasons you need to know why kelp is the new kale:

  • Rich Source of Iodine 
Naturally occurring in kelp, iodine is important for balancing the thyroid system and ensuring the metabolism is working at its top functionality. Iodine is also said to maintain healthy brain activity as well as help with brain development in children.
  • Weight Loss
Kelp is one of the only foods that actually expands in your stomach! So, it leaves you feeling full and satisfied for longer. This, along with the metabolic boost mentioned above, is why kelp is often recommended to aid weight loss.
  • Anti-Inflammatory
Kelp contains Fucoidan, a polysaccharide which is known to be an anti-inflammatory. Additionally, scientists have linked it to reducing cholesterol levels in the bloodstream.
  • Improved Bone Density 
Kelp is a great source of Vitamin K. This is a key vitamin for supporting bone density and important in helping to prevent issues like osteoporosis or arthritis.
  • Everything Vegans Need!
We say this because kelp is rich in B vitamins as well as iron. B12 is a vitamin that’s not commonly available in vegan snack products unless they’re fortified. If a person has low B12 levels, they may feel fatigued and experience brain fog. Effects of iron deficiency are similar. It’s very important to monitor these levels in order to feel like your best self!

As you can sea, kelp is truly the superfood of the sea! Kelp is also very healthy for the environment. It cleans CO2 out of the water and produces more oxygen for us to breathe! There’s an increasing number of delicious seaweed products on the market - Kelp Jerky being one of them!

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