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#EpicEarthlings with Sierra Quitiquit

Published by Eve Palmer,

To celebrate Earth Month, we're highlighting some of our favorite humans and the ways in which they live a sustainable lifestyle. Sierra Quitiquit in an environmental activist as well as one of the co-founders of #PlasticFreeFridays. We're huge fans of her work here at AKUA and we were stoked to sit down and talk a bit about sustainable living! Sea our Q&A below. 

1. What's one silver lining that you're thinking about for you and the planet this month?

This is such an amazing opportunity for us to get out of our normal rhythms and reset. To consider what we want to keep and what we'd like to let go of.

2. What's your biggest fear when it comes to plastic use in the wake of COVID-19?

I'm not afraid. I think that people are only going to come out of this more mindful and with a deeper rooted values system that understand we are nature and we are all connected.

3. Where's the first place you'll go when all the travel bans are lifted?

Surfing!!! Anywhere!!

AKUA Earth Month 

AKUA is celebrating Earth Month all of April with free shipping across the whole site! We are also hosting cooking tutorials every Sunday on our Instagram called #SustainableSundays where chefs and influencers alike are sharing their favorite sustainable meals. Join us in celebrating Earth Month now and all year long!


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