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#EpicEarthlings with Olesya Rulin

Published by Eve Palmer,

To celebrate Earth Month, we're highlighting some of our favorite humans and the ways in which they live a sustainable lifestyle. Olesya is an actor, style icon, and creative entrepreneur. She places an emphasis on living a sustainable life from her clothing choices to her advocacy on social media.

1. What are you growing in your quarantine garden?

My quarantine garden is currently growing thyme, sage, 2 kinds of mint, green onion, chives, and oregano. I also have my rose bush (tending it helps me connect to my wild feminine nature) and 2 olive trees (because we all need a symbol of peace) one inside my home and one at the entrance.

2. What's one change you want to see in the world this year?

Everyone’s story is different. Everyone’s circumstances, needs, traumas, journey is different. It’s too simple to ask for world peace or for everyone to live consciously. That’s not realistic... I believe we are here to work through our challenges. To expand and grow much like trees. Going from a seed in an unknown space, growing roots in the darkness of nourishing soil, all the while reaching for the light that’s just above us. My wish would be that regardless of our different journeys here on the planet ... wouldn’t it be glorious if we all knew that we were loved. No questions. No concerns about that simple truth. We are all loved equally. That would be my dream. I hope that we come out of this with more love towards ourselves so it may overflow and spill out to others. Our environment. The way we speak. The way we take in information and the choices we come to.

3. What's your favorite poem about the Earth?

So on this day let us bow with reverence,
As grateful children should,
And respect our Mother Nature,
Pledging ourselves to Mother Liberty's light,
That the children of the mothers beside us
Can have a future which shines bright.
- Yogi Bhajan

Akua Earth Month

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