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#EpicEarthlings with Erica Agran

Published by Eve Palmer,

To celebrate Earth Month, we're highlighting some of our favorite humans and the ways in which they live a sustainable lifestyle.

Erica Agran is a runner, traveller, health advocate, and community-builder. She has brought together a global network of passionate runners through her blog — Erica Finds — where she promotes wellness and shares running stories & ideas (Erica has completed a remarkable total of 52 marathons!).

1. How has running all of those marathons connected you more to our Earth & your sustainability efforts?

Marathons, races and running make you very aware of pollution and waste. I'm excited to see more races using more sustainable materials and recycling. And of course, running and walking more places lowers my carbon footprint. I'm proud to report that I ran way more miles last year than I drove!

2. Favorite brand of post-run snacks?

That's like picking a favorite child. 😉 Post run, I usually pick salty over sweet - especially on hot days. I am currently obsessed with Pipcorn Crackers and Naya's Food Cauliflower Hummus among others.

3. What’s one fact or interesting thing you learned about the Earth this last year?

When humans are prevented from running amok, nature and wildlife flourish. Lincoln Park and the Chicago lakefront were closed for a few months and it invigorated our plants and wildlife. All good - except the geese now think they own the running path!


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