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AKUA One Year Look Back

Published by Eve Palmer, 20 Apr 2020

April 20th marked AKUA's one year anniversary. We've come such a long way in this last year and have made so many incredible memories along the way. We chose to launch on Earth Day because our mission has always been to protect the Earth first. To do our part in helping her thrive each and every day through bolstering the demand of kelp and the presence of regenerative agriculture. 


Here are some of our favorite memories from AKUA's first year:

1. Celebrating World Ocean's Day on the UN Peace Boat


2. Launching Kelp Jerky in its first retail stores


3. Putting on our Malibu Sustainable Seagreens dinner


4. And our NYC dinner :)


5. Launching Kelp Pasta


6. Visiting the AKUA co-packer to watch the Kelp Jerky get made


7. Going on the first AKUA team retreat

8. Launching Kelp Jerky to online marketplaces like Thrive Market and Amazon


9. The first AKUA Christmas party


10. And now, quarantine zoom hangouts. 


These are some of our favorite memories from year one at AKUA, and we can't wait to see where this next year takes our business. Thank you for supporting our company during its infancy and sticking by us for the ups and downs of launching such a unique product to the market. We're currently celebrating by giving free shipping on all of our products site-wide! 


Team AKUA 

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