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10 things we learned watching Seaspiracy 🐬

Published by Eve Palmer,

Have you seen Seaspiracy yet? It's making WAVES in the seafood industry and kelp is coming out on top!

Ten things we learned from Ali Tabrizi & Kip Anderson's newest doc:

1. The equivalent of one garbage truck load of plastic is dumped into the sea every single minute, on top of the 150 million tonnes already there.

2. Only 0.03% of plastic in the ocean is from single use straws. A whopping 46% is from fishing nets.

3. “The ocean is the biggest carbon sink on the planet." - Sylvia Earle

4. Destroying just 1% of our blue carbon ecosystems is equivalent to releasing emissions from 97 million cars.

5. Up to 40% of all marine life caught is thrown back overboard (dead) as bycatch. 

6. Not including the 250,000 sea turtles killed every year after getting caught in fishing nets.

7. Herrings communicate by farting!

8. Our oceans will be empty of wildlife by 2048 if we keep fishing at current rates. 

9. The most impactful action you can take as a consumer to help our oceans is to reduce your intake of seafood (not including kelp!). 

10. Fish themselves don't produce omega-3's — they get it from eating algae!

So there you have it! Here at AKUA, we believe the most sustainable seafood isn't fish at all... it's seagreans.


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