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Kelp Pasta Recipes: Haru's Honey Sesame Pasta

Published by Eve Palmer, 9 Oct 2020

Honey Sesame Kelp Pasta

Feeds 2

Watch Tutorial Video Here!

1. 2 spirals AKUA Kelp Pasta
2. Your favorite spicy honey
3. Dash of soy sauce
4. Dash of white wine vinegar
5. Pinch of sesame Seeds
6. Pinch of nori flakes

To make:
1. Rehydrate Kelp Pasta and remove excess water
2. Chop Kelp Pasta into smaller pieces and place in pan
3. Add a bit of the water from the rehydration bowl back into pan
4. Coat to your liking with spicy honey
5. Add soy sauce and white wine vinegar
6. Place on stove and cook on high heat for about 5-6 minutes, or when the Kelp Pasta starts to look a bit more clumped and almost crispy
8. Plate and add top with sesame seeds & nori flakes