We are a team of chefs, creatives, and ocean farmers creating a new platform for food that's just as healthy for humans as it is for our planet.


Kelp Harvesting

Why Seaweed? 

We are a for-profit company inspired by  GreenWave, a nonprofit that trains unemployed fisherman to become ocean farmers of seaweeds and shellfish.

Seaweed farming has the potential to be the most sustainable form of agriculture on the planet. It requires no fresh water, no land, no deforestation, and no feed or fertilizer to grow. 

And there are over 50,000 species of micro and macroalgae, many of which contain more vitamin C than orange juice, more calcium than milk, and more protein than soybeans. Seaweeds are also full of over 100 vitamins, minerals, and omegas. 

Kelp is the culinary equivalent of an electric car.
— The New Yorker



Co-Founder + CMO:

Courtney Boyd Myers

Adviser to GreenWave, Director at Summit, Partner at Unframed Ice Cream, and Marketing at Four Sigmatic

Co-Founder + Exec Chef:

Will Horowitz

Founder of Duck’s Eatery, Harry & Ida’s, and the food waste focused nonprofit Common Scraps

Co-Founder + CFO:

Matthew Lebo

New York-based Senior Finance and Management Consultant

Co-Founder + Director of Operations:

Morgan-Lea Fogg

Maine-based Kelp Farmer; Community Associate at Summit