Beyond the Shoreline is now AKUA

Two years ago, I became an adviser to a nonprofit that supports ocean farmers growing sustainable seaweeds like kelp. I was helping them with fundraising when I asked the farmers what they truly need, and they said, “We need your help creating a consumer market for kelp.”

After that, I started sending out 5lb bags of frozen kelp to all my chef friends across the U.S. We came up with dozens of cool products and hosted tastings in New York, LA, and SF. But it was my now co-founder Will Horowitz who came up with kelp jerky, burgers, and sausages -- all vegan and made from kelp and mushrooms -- that made me think, “Wow, what if we could create a line of meat alternative products from one of the most sustainable sources of food on the planet?”

I created our company to explore the boundless potential of the ocean’s seagreens that lie just beyond the shoreline of every coast in the world. So, we called our company during its most nascent days, Beyond the Shoreline, which to us evokes the limitless feeling of positive exploration. 

When we think of the greatest brands of our time - NIKE, Apple, Patagonia, and the like, they have one thing in a common: a short, memorable, and one word bran name. So, today, just weeks before we launch our first product to the world, we've decided to rebrand our company to AKUA (pronounced: Ah-Koo-Uh) a Hawaiian name that refers to the gods and goddesses who protect the sea.  

Beyond the Shoreline will always be a part of our heritage but we are excited to build our future with the name AKUA.


We will always remember you...

Courtney Boyd Myers